Mittwoch, 30. Dezember 2009

Task 1

Get to know how blogging works:

"Comment" on this post and write about one thing from your own culture that is typically American / German for you. This could be a thing, a certain behaviour, a place, or anything else. Then explain in about 50 words why you think it is typical.


  1. Hello :)

    Well it's very difficult to guess of something typically german because you think the things you do are "normal". Well one thing I would miss the most I think is the so called "German Gründlichkeit", so I'd say this is very "german". In many countries you won't see everything so organised or even so clean as it is here in Germany. This should not be a negative comment about any other country but if you are used to it... I think you'd miss it too.
    German people always want to be perfectly organised and in control, often this is very positive for the people living in Germany.
    Well I've written a lot now :) what do you think? do you agree with my blog or have another opinion on this subject ?

  2. Well, in my opinion I agree that german people want to be perfectly organised and have the control of everything, for example they always want to have the best car, a good job , a big house and so on. But I think "we", especially me^^, don't really mind the "German Gründlichkeit". I don't have any concrete examples for this, only one from myself :D My room is most of the time a big chaos ;) Everywhere you look, clothes, magazines and all things you can imagine, lie on the floor. Than my Mum always upbraids me haha.
    However, as I see it, us Germans often lament and worried about everything(..maybe you couldn't be perfect enough haha^^)..! :( But on the other hand I think we are very friendly to everyone(especially during the football WM in Germany ;-) )..! And that Germans also have a lot of humor of course :)

  3. yeah I agree with the fact that Germans are very worried about everything and anything but i disagree with your opinion, that we have a lot of humor and are friendly! I think people in Germany are so called "weltfremd", they live their own life and are not really interested in other cultures or countries. Even if you have a problem and want to ask for example in a supermarket, they only say what they need to say and that was it. They don't ask you are you are or even laugh... maybe it's because we are very pessimistic sometimes! We don't see life as positiv as other countries do. But I do think with time this "problem" will get better because the new generations are different to the older one.. for example they think more positve :)

  4. American's are so unorganized its pretty ridiculous. Sad to say but yes its true most of us are unorganized. It's very typical for American's to be unorganized. Most try to come up with excuses but most excuses that people make up are pretty lame. American's say they are to busy but in reality most are just lazy.

  5. haha zach has a good point. i try to be organized, i really do. my siter on the other hand... she can never keep her room clean.

    oh, and what exactly is a "German Gründlichkeit"?

  6. An everyday american thing for me is seeing all my friends after school. We do everyday american things such as goto the mall, goto concerts, eat, and things like this. Just about every kid that goes to this school more than likely does the same thing i do. Everyone enjoys being around their friends just like me. Sure different people like to do different things but overall its all the same. I love being around the people i like everyday and i hope you do too!

  7. German Gründlichkeit is the "german cleanliness" I would say, and organising everything that can be organised :D:D

    @dominic: Really it's the same in Germany, hanging around with your friends is very important and soo much fun !!!! :)