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Should Students Be Paid to Do Well in School?

Some high school students in France will be paid in exchange for attending classes on a regular basis.

This is exactly what's happening in a pilot program in France that started this month at three vocational high schools in disadvantaged suburds of Paris. Accounts will be set up for two classes containing around $3000 apiece. If the students maintain good attendance records and reach performance targets agreed upon with their teachers, reward payments will be added to their class account. But here's the catch: students can't go and spend the money on a new iPod or an Xbox but can only use it to finance a school-related project or endeavor. Philippe Vrand, president of Public School Students group: "...We should spend this money making sure vocational students can get into the programs they want. Instead, students are being paid off ot compensate [for] their boredom." In the US more than a dozen states have started rewarding students with cash for improved test scores and enrollment in advanced-placement courses.

adapted from TIME, Oct.09

What do you think? A good idea or a complete waste of money? Should money play such an important role in schools?


  1. I think that it would be a good idea for students to get payed for improving on their test scores or doing better in class but not just for having good attendance. If the students were payed for improving then it would encourage them to do better but if they were payed just for showing up to class they would not try harder to do better.

  2. i very much agree with paying students for good grades and attendance. this would drastically reduce ditching and give motivation for students to go to class and use the money for college, if the money was required for education purposes at least. money should play some sort of role in schools, seeing as how it already does with funding and the likes.

  3. I think that is a stupid idea! It is a complete waste of time and money. What good is giving kids money if they cant spend it on what they want. I think this wont help anything in the schools academics because kids wont go to school since they are not getting payed to do stuff they want. And they are not getting to use the money for what they want.

  4. to nick: But they cant use it for college they can only use it for that schools projects.

  5. to Zach... this is only in Paris. If it happened in America it could be quite different. besides, we don't know all the details

  6. While the idea of a monetary reward for doing well in school is an... enticing idea, it is not as useful as the original reading would suggest. While the money given to students will be spent on educational things, it is ultimately going to be less effective than if the original money was spent to improve the educational systems at use in schools. While people will do well simply for the thought of earning cash, they will not deign to keep the information for long. It would simply be a reinforcement of the old ( and currently in use) grading idea of pass or fail. Either the student would pass (gaining credit and money) or they would fail (gaining nothing). This form of idea does nothing to increase student learning, only increase the number of students willing to stay for any amount of time.
    It is obvious that my own views of the educational system do get in the way of my sight, but I do not see any particularly effective (or useful) path from this idea. Not even including the fact that education in the United States is not very well funded anyway. The problem as I see it is that not very many are seeing a true use to whats taught to them in school.

    Too many thoughts >.<

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  8. I think it would be a great idea, the only thing I disagree with is the fact that the persons who improve their grades can't buy what they want with the money!
    So why should they make more effort ?
    hm.. well really they should just leave the whole idea. I think a good certificat is enough.
    Well money for good grades would be superb but I don't think it'll work out. People would cheat more often or try to manipulated, only because they could get some money.And I think the good people will get in a heck of a lot of trouble and in a few fights cause they will earn a load !!! :D
    But that's not what's going on in Paris. I do disagree with the idea in Paris, it will lose out on attention, because you can't finance pupils by telling them "oh no you're not alloud to buy this this this and that..!! :D". It will just not work out !
    Well that's my opinion on the topic what do you think ??

  9. haha well jessie... you have a good point. and i like it. but what do you think would happen if we could spend it on our own uses? there is still the problem of cheating... but i think that could be worked out with time. :)

  10. @ Nick :)

    oh it would be awesome !! I mean you can say "I'll just go learn for an iPod !! " haha :)
    I'd say it'll be the greatest idea ever!! Well people will still cheat but they cheat now so that's their problem. I'd learn a load more than now if I knew that I could upgrade my pocket money ! Some kids over here get stuff bought if they write good grades.. I've always been jealous of those kids!
    Well hopefully teachers will read my wish !!!!!!!!! hahaha
    The state spends money on boring stuff nobody needs... they should rather invest in the futur !! IN US PUPILS!! :)